Issue 2, Winter 2019

Inspire & Grow

Living in Light

04 Feb 2020  | 
When we are with people who are positive, generating radiant, life-supporting energy, we are changed by it. In all aspects of...

A Sense of Service - The Way We Were

19 Jan 2020  | 
What does the past teach us about the value of the simpler ways of living? Before supermarkets and online shopping, daily trips...

Winter - the Time for Planning

08 Jan 2020  | 
Use the quiet time of the winter months to plan your year forward.  Bring your focus to clearing the past year, and the joys...

The Gift Of Giving

03 Dec 2019  | 
Giving is a cherished human attribute. From an early age a child will reach out its hand to offer a toy or even some food. Sharing...

Building your Inner Energetic Core

22 Oct 2019  | 
It is essential to uphold a strong energetic structure. It allows our natural energy system to work correctly, supporting all...

The Nature of Subtle Energy Congestion (Part 1)

14 Oct 2019  | 
Imagine your energy field as an ongoing processing factory - a field of intelligence and consciousness which is actively dealing...

Your Personal Peace Toolkit

01 Oct 2019  | 
Developing peace in our lives is not difficult. It doesn’t have to be cumbersome. And it most certainly has a direct, positive...
Part Two - The 9 Top Tips

TOP TIPS - Enhance your Meditation

21 Sep 2019  | 
For all those learning to meditate - get the best Top Tips on how to develop a quality experience. 

Developing Creative Thinking

31 Aug 2019  | 
Creative thinking is not the same as logical thinking. Nor is it the same as creative envisioning, and ... nor is it a combination...
Sue Tranter

We need an energy cleanse and balance!

26 Aug 2019  | 
As we are becoming more aware about our energy state and the benefits of clearing and balancing our 'aura,' Sue Tranter...
Part One

Enhance your meditation skills

22 Aug 2019  | 
Meditation is fast becoming one of the post popular forms of stress relief and mental clearing for busy lives. Having been developed...

Failure Vs. Defeat

22 Aug 2019  | 
I heard someone say recently that they were broken? When I sought to learn more about what they meant, no words came as explanation....
Sian Pope

Stepping into the harmony of peace

22 Aug 2019  | 
I recently went to a singing workshop in London, where we mostly sang protest songs for peace. I was struck by the power of people...

Peace - the Final Frontier

20 Aug 2019  | 
If peace begins one person at a time.... what what do we need to understand about spiritual peace, and peace within our communities. The...