Issue 2, Winter 2019

Green World


South African Landscape

13 Dec 2019  | 
 “Road trips are the equivalent of human wings,” says the poet Victoria Erickson. South Africa’s setting...

Microplastic is no small problem

12 Dec 2019  | 
There's a new enemy in the fight against plastic pollution and one which potentially is having more of an impact on our health,...

The Climate Change Garden

07 Nov 2019  | 
The banner of climate change is all around us.... The issue is becoming so prevalent across all forms of the media that people...

The RHS - teaching us the nurturing power of plants, 200 years on!

26 Aug 2019  | 
Let's get growing! The 200-year-old Royal Horticultural Society is on a mission to show everyone the health...

The free food co-operative

22 Aug 2019  | 
It’s not packaged in plastic and it's free to anyone who passes by. Fruit, vegetables and herbs for all.

Vegan is the new Vegetarian

21 Aug 2019  | 
The word vegan is springing up everywhere, but why are so many changing their eating habits and what are the benefits? Having...

An Apple A Day

21 Aug 2019  | 
Tantalising our taste buds - the community project helping to bring back traditional apple varieties. Founded...

Food for thought…

21 Aug 2019  | 
Fighting for an end to cruel farming practices, compassionate campaigner Philip Lymbery shares his vision. "Most ordinary...

David Attenborough

12 Aug 2019  | 
The 'Attenborough Effect', offering our gratitude and thanks for an extraordinary contribution to our world. In celebration...