Issue 1, Autumn 2019

Creative Expression

Part Two - The 9 Top Tips

TOP TIPS - Enhance your Meditation

21 Sep 2019  | 
For all those learning to meditate - get the best Top Tips on how to develop a quality experience. 

A Business Of Your Own

31 Aug 2019  | 
Year on year statistics are showing us sharp increases in the numbers of people choosing the entrepreneurial way.

Is your spirit driving your business?

31 Aug 2019  | 
Join the evolution in co-operative working and learn how collaboration can help you and your business.

Developing Creative Thinking

31 Aug 2019  | 
Creative thinking is not the same as logical thinking. Nor is it the same as creative envisioning, and ... nor is it a combination...
Debra Regis

Revamped, refreshed, renewed

28 Aug 2019  | 
In an age when consumerism and waste is damaging our planet and natural resources, the concept of recycling and upcycling needs...

The skin tingling power of music!

25 Aug 2019  | 
If you get a shiver down your back when you listen to a certain piece of music, then you may be experiencing a psychophysiological...

The Map Printer - showing the way of history

25 Aug 2019  | 
Meet Phillip Burrough, a dedicated map collector since his early 20’s.  His family run business, 'Old Folding Maps,'...

Art - A Personal Journey, A Personal Perspective

21 Aug 2019  | 
Have you ever wondered how it is that some people stand in front of a painting and feel an instant appreciation of it - as though...