Issue 1, Autumn 2019


Debra Regis

Revamped, refreshed, renewed

28 Aug 2019  | 
In an age when consumerism and waste is damaging our planet and natural resources, the concept of recycling and upcycling needs...
Sue Tranter

We need an energy cleanse and balance!

26 Aug 2019  | 
As we are becoming more aware about our energy state and the benefits of clearing and balancing our 'aura,' Sue Tranter...
Sian Pope

Stepping into the harmony of peace

22 Aug 2019  | 
I recently went to a singing workshop in London, where we mostly sang protest songs for peace. I was struck by the power of people...
Amy Jeetley

The madness within our schools

22 Aug 2019  | 
The level of stress and disorder currently existing within so many of our state schools is not news.  A deteriorating situation...
Anand Sanger

The Power of a Student

22 Aug 2019  | 
Are you a University student who feels like they are not getting anywhere? I know that as a student, life can be tough. The stress,...
Energies of Your Life

Vibrational Living - Subtle Energies

22 Aug 2019  | 
Science tells us that a vibrating field of energy exists within and around all things, that physical matter is mostly ‘empty...

Path to a peaceful death

22 Aug 2019  | 
For those who are spiritually minded rather than religiously drawn, engaging with a healer at the end of life can be very supportive...