Issue 2, Winter 2019


A Sense of Service - The Way We Were

19 Jan 2020  | 
What does the past teach us about the value of the simpler ways of living? Before supermarkets and online shopping, daily trips...

RNLI Facing its own Perfect Storm

20 Dec 2019  | 
The RNLI provides a 24-hour search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland. In 2018 crews launched over 8,900 times...

Child Advocate and Parent Supporter -

15 Dec 2019  | 
BBC News presenter Kate Silverton is on a new mission, as an ambassador for the well-being and mental health of children and parents.

Grow Your Own Compassion

15 Dec 2019  | 
Are we living in a world where we starve ourselves of the decency of love? Where we limit and restrict the beauty of the true...

The RHS - teaching us the nurturing power of plants, 200 years on!

26 Aug 2019  | 
Let's get growing! The 200-year-old Royal Horticultural Society is on a mission to show everyone the health...

Could a fire engine get through?

24 Aug 2019  | 
Think twice before you park you car and help avoid potential life-threatening delays for your fire and rescue service. 

Democracy - power to the people

23 Aug 2019  | 
Politics shapes all our lives in so many invisible ways. It influences every aspect from our money, our work, the services we...
Amy Jeetley

The madness within our schools

22 Aug 2019  | 
The level of stress and disorder currently existing within so many of our state schools is not news.  A deteriorating situation...
Anand Sanger

The Power of a Student

22 Aug 2019  | 
Are you a University student who feels like they are not getting anywhere? I know that as a student, life can be tough. The stress,...

The free food co-operative

22 Aug 2019  | 
It’s not packaged in plastic and it's free to anyone who passes by. Fruit, vegetables and herbs for all.

An Apple A Day

21 Aug 2019  | 
Tantalising our taste buds - the community project helping to bring back traditional apple varieties. Founded...