Issue 2, Winter 2019

Archive 2019/2020


Is your spirit driving your business?

31 Aug 2019  | 
Join the evolution in co-operative working and learn how collaboration can help you and your business.

Wildlife Wonders

28 Aug 2019  | 
Spectacular images are showcased by the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Swans hit by bread myth

25 Aug 2019  | 
The effects of a disastrous ‘Ban the Bread’ campaign last year are still being felt, with many people still confused...

Yesteryear’s Entrepreneur

25 Aug 2019  | 
"All my animals are my friends" says Neil Alsop, who at the age of 74, continues to run his own smallholding in Derbyshire.    

The Sitting Tree

25 Aug 2019  | 
If only this 500-year-old tree could talk, what stories might it tell the people who pass by.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T…. Find out what it means to me

24 Aug 2019  | 
Have you ever dedicated time to think about what you really like to do? Not just with family, at work or with friends, but simply...
Sian Pope

Stepping into the harmony of peace

22 Aug 2019  | 
I recently went to a singing workshop in London, where we mostly sang protest songs for peace. I was struck by the power of people...

Intelligent Wildlife Seeks Assistance

22 Aug 2019  | 
They know they need help. They know they need a human hand to help. More and more videos are being shared on social media of...

Gentle healers helping to unburden our pain

21 Aug 2019  | 
Used for thousands of years to carry heavy goods, these gentle souls are now helping people to cope with their emotional and mental...

Peace - the Final Frontier

20 Aug 2019  | 
If peace begins one person at a time.... what what do we need to understand about spiritual peace, and peace within our communities. The...