Issue 2, Winter 2019

Winter - the Time for Planning

Envision… direction… focus

08 Jan 2020  | 

The winter season is the perfect time to plan. Nature is sleeping, energies are slower, and space can be made to reflect and envision.

When planning forward, an ideal first step is to reflect on the past, so that you are clear on your present. Your current position is your starting point, so be aware of how you feel, what your thoughts are, and why.

Energies 'peak' at certain times. The New Year transition is one of those major peaks, that is why it’s a powerful time to make a resolution.

People most often start a year with fresh focus and renewed energy, and therefore the 'mass consciousness' is already geared up to accommodate your new plans. Flow is buoyant, and offers the optimum scenario to plan and envision the year to come.

First let go

Within your reflection, make sure you let go of any emotional content from the past year that may slow you down. Release, forgive, move on. Don't carry 'baggage' with you into your new creations.

Then, energise the vision

Put your heart into it! Whatever the vision for your next creation, feel the presence of it within your heart and invest from there. Heart energy is buoyant and sustaining and it drives life forward with a loving intent. It’s an excellent recipe for your creative endeavours.

Now, focus

See where you want to go, and head in that direction purposefully. 

Navigate, don't leave the way to chance, because life is a distracting entity and it knows how to divert the unfocused.

Be super clear with your intention, and then drive it forwards with a gracious heart. That way you enjoy the journey, the life experience it creates, and the destination!

Purposeful living through well-intended planning!