Issue 2, Winter 2019

Vibrational Living - Subtle Energies

Understanding the world of invisible subtle energy

By Sue Zange  |  22 Aug 2019  | 

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Extracted from the Book: ‘The Energies of your Life’, by Sue Zange, take an opportunity to learn more about the presence of subtle energy and the understanding of living in awareness of the vibrations and resonance around us.

Science tells us that a vibrating field of energy exists within and around all things, that physical matter is mostly ‘empty space’. Once we become open to the concept and possibility of the presence of invisible energies, the obvious question is ‘what do we do about it’? Perhaps we could take a further leap and consider that it’s possible to interact with these energies in such a way as to make a difference to their flow and essence. 

If all things are energy, then as humans we are constantly transmitting and receiving energetic flows and transactions. Our thoughts, our feelings, our actions and intentions, exist as an energy flow, a resonance. The purpose and essence of these flows are dictated by our desires and intentions.

When you say something, you intend to convey that communication for a purpose. The intention of that purpose literally carries the energy of that communication to those you are speaking to.

When you feel something, the essence of that feeling and emotion radiates outwards from your body and the energy of such emotion is felt on a subtle level by those around you. Hence, you can sense and empathise with someone’s feelings, you can share in their emotion, you can respond to their feelings.

With every movement of our physical body, we generate a transmission of energy, our body responding to the intent of our mind to take certain action.

Multiple Streams of Subtle Energy Data

Now put all those aspects together and consider the immense amount of alternating flows of energy which are occurring every moment of the day for you. As you think, calculate, speak, listen, feel, consider, act and respond, masses of energy data is being processed and assimilated by you. Multiple data streams are entering through your known physical senses, complemented and enhanced by all the subtle energy data received by your higher senses.

This is intelligence in action.

That simple awareness - the presence of energy transactions - needs to be the starting point of your understanding of subtle energy. From the moment you realise these invisible streams of data are pouring out of you into the world, you will comprehend that you are a contributor to the lives of others.

In addition, once you recognise that you are receiving the subtle transactions of others and that such energies are absorbing into your own field of energy, then your view of who you engage with changes up a gear, to a different level of awareness.

Once you become aware and apply focus to these transactions and energy flows, you can empower yourself within a whole new realm of operational living - within a field of higher intelligence. Alternative choices and outcomes become possible, known and available. New potentials to change the quality of your life will enter your awareness, such that you may improve those aspects of living which are important to you.

Your thoughts are driving your life's intentions

So, begin to view your thoughts as energy flows which you transmit out into the world, which you direct towards other people, and which drive your life’s intention. Stop for a moment and consider... what is the quality and nature of the thoughts you have? Do they enhance the quality of your life, or do they lessen it? Are they supportive of others or detrimental to them? Just by thinking of someone or something, you are connecting through subtle energy. What effect are you having? What contribution are you making?

Imagine now all your feelings and emotions as an energy wave, moving around and within you, and then radiating out into the world... touching others. At any given moment you are a mass of bubbling, or simmering, emotional compulsion that is yearning to find expression in the world. Every single thing you do is driven by an underlying feeling. Everything.

So how are you feeling?

Are the emotional energies that you transmit to others generally good, supportive, buoyant? Are you offering love and care, attention and kindness? Are you joyful and happy to be engaged in your daily life activities?

Do you consider that you bring well-serving and positive feeling energies to your interactions with others?

Or are you often low, miserable, wounded or vengeful, and transmitting that out to others? Do words come out of you with hostility or spite? Is there a simmering anger or pain within you that is just waiting to burst out upon the world? What is the quality and nature of the feelings you generally transmit out on a regular basis?

Understand your energetic state

Once you start to view your state of being as a flow of energy transactions, your awareness will change. You come to realise how you are creating and affecting life - people, relationships, situations, future potentials. Your self-understanding will develop, and you will begin to see the nature of who you are and why you behave the way you do.

Such awareness will ask you to take a good look at how you contribute to life, or indeed, how you consume it. For in subtle energy there are only two states of flow - either you are contributing and enhancing the greater good of all, or you are consuming and diminishing it.

That’s one of the primary empowering principles of understanding subtle energy. We can all learn how to manage our lives differently, to make change where needed and to create and enhance the aspects of life that we enjoy and value.

"Subtle energy is a way of understanding the invisible and intangible aspects of life which drive your potentials, affect your actions, influence all incoming occurrences and drive all outgoing intentions. Most importantly, it helps you to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ life circumstances occur and their effect upon you."

Sue Zange is a pioneer within the development of awareness of subtle energies. With the ability to sense, interpret and transform subtle energies, she has worked within this specialist field for 20 years. A highly respected teacher and speaker, her book has been written from the wealth of knowledge gained in first-hand experience of helping others improve their lives and well-being, through subtle energy awareness and transformation.

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