Issue 2, Winter 2019

Path to a peaceful death

By Sue Zange  |  22 Aug 2019  | 

For those who are spiritually minded rather than religiously drawn, engaging with a healer at the end of life can be very supportive and comforting. It is an environment in which someone can be held in the loving space of a highly skilled healer. Whilst a common belief may be that it is faith that heals, I would challenge that. I believe it is trusted connection that heals. The space where we can be together, as humans, within all the bareness of our humanity. A safe space is a rarity in the modern world and everyone can benefit from it, especially the dying.

Wise words shared with me very early on in my healing career, were given by another healing professional - "sometimes, the most powerful healing we can give, is a peaceful death".  

After almost two decades of experience, and thousands of hours of personal healing sessions with clients, I can state this to be most powerfully true. Having shared the last days and hours of many people as they passed away from physical life, I have learned the importance of being able to experience those final moments in a space of trust and release.

When people come to healing when they are diagnosed as terminally ill, it is rarely because they seek a 'miracle cure'. Their medical tests and doctor's opinions have positioned them in a place of awareness such that they seek some form of support and relief - emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And healing can provide that. It can help to strengthen the emotional flows of journeying through the experience, it offers a clearer mental focus on how to deal with the situation, and it comforts. On a wholly embracing and loving platform, it comforts the inner soul experience of the final journey of an individual. 

At most, and there is no way to measure or prove, it may give someone a few more days or weeks to be present on earth. At its very least, it tells them that someone understands and is embracing the experience with them in a supportive and loving intent.

From my own personal experience with people, I understand the importance of 'balancing the books' before departing the physical life. People make their own reckoning. They decide what should be said to people, what needs to be reconciled, what amends might be made. Reparations and statements are made in attempt to clear the path forward, to clear a path towards peaceful death. A soul, in its final stages, wants to leave no-one in doubt, in bitterness, or in unconfirmed love.

But there is another aspect to peaceful death that encapsulates the rare value of the healer. We are available to hear that which cannot be said to other loved ones, for fear of causing sadness or upset. There are some things we simply do not want our loved ones to 'carry' after we are gone. 

A dying person can say to the healer that which they cannot say to a loved one - the confession of a secret, the life's regrets, the wishes unfulfilled, the dreams never made real. A healer can hear their deepest heart feelings and thoughts, their beliefs and their pains. And the healer can receive it… 'let me hold that for you, you don't need to carry it into the next journey'. The healer… the bringer of peace.

In those final times with me, never has anyone uttered a word of spite, or anger, or condescension of others. In the space of a peaceful death, those lower level feelings and intents are just not present. It is their absence, that enables the peace through which a soul can transition with ease.

It is of immense value in those final stages, for someone to have a confidante with whom to share. Someone to bear witness to the truth. Someone who has no vested interest in such truth bearing any outcome. And so, the healer becomes the person left in the world who knows a truth of something that transpired. And no longer carrying it alone, it alleviates the pressure, enlightens the soul, and brings hope to the person passing from life. 

Being entrusted with a person's words at such a final stage of life, holds me to a higher standard every day, and for that I can only be grateful. For when my day comes, I am sure, the hand of a healer will envelope mine and I too will be able to say what needs to be said.

Sue Zange is the pioneer and developer of Advanced Level Energy Field Healing. She established her specialist healing clinic over 20 years ago and supported thousands of people at all stages of ill-health, helping to improve well-being and transform the quality of their lives. Since 2014 she has been raising awareness of subtle energy management for businesses and entrepreneurs. She is an Author, Teacher and Speaker on subtle energies, spiritual growth and enhanced consciousness living. Her book is available at: