Issue 2, Winter 2019

Enhance your meditation skills

Part 1 - Discovering the Peace of Meditation

By Sue Zange  |  22 Aug 2019  | 

Meditation is fast becoming one of the post popular forms of stress relief and mental clearing for busy lives. Having been developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago in eastern civilisations, it has found its way into modern day living as a useful life management tool.

There can be misconceptions about the process of meditation, which have developed as it has grown in popularity in the western world. Firstly, we should not confuse meditation with visualisation. Though their methodology is similar in some ways, the objective is different.

Visualisation increased in popularity during the 1980's when it was developed as a tool for competitive athletes. The general aim being to pre-visualise yourself winning in an event, and so pre-code the brain to accept this as the most likely outcome. Over the years there has been enough evidence to support the practice in making positive change and increasing the likelihood of intended outcomes.

Very swiftly, the concept of visualisation moved into the business arena, with intention being to clear mental focus, bring clarity to objectives, and of course, to visualise desired outcomes. Simultaneously the eastern practice of meditation was growing in popularity. So today, we have a blend of applications from both schools of methodology which give us options to pursue an array of ways to improve our life functions and situations.

The intended objective of meditation can be very different to that of visualisation...

Whilst the objective of visualisation is to create imagery and emotional connection to an intended outcome, the objective of meditation can be very different. The process of meditation is commenced in stillness, relaxing the body, slowing the breathing, and allowing the mind to clear its busy backlog of thought patterns. 

In a quietened and relaxed state, the higher intelligent function of the mind (sometimes referred to as 'higher mind') appears to expand into a state of fluidity. No longer constrained by mental concepts and emotional bindings, the 'higher mind' can flow freely into an expanse of consciousness. In such a state, one can feel peace and a deep inner generation of sense of belonging. The experience is often accompanied by a feeling of lightness, as though one's consciousness is raising and opening.

Within this peaceful meditative state, the inner being can restore, feel peaceful, calm, and become clear. Whilst scientific research continues into the regular practice of meditation, for those who are advocates of its benefits, they have made it a mainstream part of their daily lives. Lowering stress levels, calming the chaos of a hectic life and helping to gain clarity in focusing the mind, are at the top of the reasons people may engage in meditation.

So, if you are seeking some peace and calm, pursue an exploration of the benefits of meditation.  If you are looking to practically improve the results or achievements in your life, then consider visualisation as an active contribution to your outcomes. 

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