Issue 2, Winter 2019

Living in Light

By Sue Zange  |  04 Feb 2020  | 

Lightness is created by an outward flow of loving light-heartedness

Lightness is something we can share

When we are with people who are positive, generating radiant, life-supporting energy, we are changed by it. In all aspects of life, it matters who we are around and who we share our space with. So, each and every one of us, should take personal responsibility for what we are like to be with!

Light is energy - energy is light 

When we absorb that light, it makes us light too. ‘Living in light’ is a transformative process. At any given time we may be a light generator, or a light consumer. This depends entirely upon our needs. We owe it to ourselves, and to everyone whose life we come into contact with, to always seek towards open-heartedness for the generation of light. 

The heart will close and protect itself when it is hurt, in pain, suffering distress, wounded. We should be aware of when our heart needs healing attention, time to restore, and a path to return to its openness. A closed heart will struggle to generate light, or to offer lightness to others. There will always be times when we are in need of absorbing others’ light, simply because we just cannot generate our own. 

Lightness is generated by a heart that is willing to love. Willingness is a compassionate intent and emanates from a heart that is able to love. We should therefore always endeavour to heal our  sadness and the pains that prevent the heart from being open, free, loving and willing.

Giving your heart the attention it needs is vital, for it is the major generator of your light presence. The energy you contribute to others and the lightness you put into all your creations, depends on the capacity of your loving heart. 

Light is fast moving energy, it is the spirit of life lifting you up. Lightness is buoyant. We can achieve a great deal in a buoyant state of flow, and our offering to others can be considerable and meaningful. Compassionately, those of us who have the strength and presence, can offer the gift of light to those in need of it.

So, if for any reason you find yourself not light-hearted, then choose to give yourself the attention you need. It’s a choice to be better, to be well. It’s the process of healing and a choice to return to wholeness. 

When light radiates out from you, it touches others. They absorb your light and use it in a regenerative process to continue to emit light forwards. This is the process of connectivity on a consciousness level. And right now, this is very much what the world needs. 

The world needs love, the world needs lightness, and you can choose to be Living in Light.