Issue 2, Winter 2019

David Attenborough

A Life Dedicated to Life

12 Aug 2019  | 
Sir David Attenborough - (© BBC)
In celebration and honour of the extraordinary contribution made to so many people and to our beautiful Earth, we would like to offer a letter of gratitude to Sir David Attenborough, as he celebrates 93 years of a life well lived.

Dear Sir David,

You have brought us the joy of seeing across and into the world - the new, the surprising, the bizarre. We grew as children marvelling at the wonder you brought into our lives via the television screen. Even in black and white, your stories were colourful.  Thank you. 

Your lifelong commitment to the world has brought nature into our homes and into our hearts. As you whispered the global beauty into our lives, we hung upon each word because we knew it would enlighten the magic of nature and somehow help us belong. 

You were the first to reveal to us the animal behaviours that show our commonalities, the inter-dependence and togetherness. Not simply in terms of evolution, but in respect of shared intelligence, living together under the same ‘roof’ upon our precious Earth.

Poetic, charming and evocative descriptions, beautifully crafted and presented, gave us all so much more than we could ever have hoped. It drove us into books, into education and for some, into a dedicated life of science, conservation and exploration of our planet. Thank you.

You were the first public voice to warn us about that seemingly incongruous choice to clear a forest. We started a domino effect leading to such a devastating current issue. And now, decades later, you remain so committed to that message, to its implications, and to its possible end results.  

As you have brought the many wonders of the world to our attention, you have also later returned to see how they have changed, to show the impact of our actions and of our inaction. You have shown the measure of our presence upon the world, and we do so often come up lacking.

Your voice over decades of change and growing awareness, has been a most valuable and extraordinary voice.  And many now need to take up the mantle and join their voices. The voice of reason, the voice of truth, the voice of love of our world. The only way forward that makes sense is to honour our earth, honour all life, and protect the very nature of existence.

You have walked this life, so many footsteps over so much of the planet, honouring it and enriching it, and making it more.  We can navigate our way more clearly because of the path you showed. We can say “he showed us this…. and now we must make it better.” We can say “he told us this…. and now we must recognise its truth”. 

Thank you, Sir David. 

Sue & Kate 

Picture © (left to right) Carlos Spitzer/Pexel, Romain/AdobeStock, Peter Simmons/Pexel, Harvey Sapir/Pexel