Issue 2, Winter 2019

Grow Your Own Compassion

By Sue Zange  |  15 Dec 2019  | 

Are we living in a world where we starve ourselves of the decency of love? Where we limit and restrict the beauty of the true connection to the light within each other?

Compassion is an act of heart. It is a merciful and kind engagement that occurs naturally when we allow love to flow into our daily life connections.

When we choose to be with others, in love, in respect, and with an active heart's intent, compassion becomes the natural exchange.

We cannot think compassion into being. It is a heart-felt essence of connection. And its very presence creates compassionate intent in all that we do.

To develop a more compassionate life, we need to fully engage with an open and loving intent.

In life, we are defined by our actions… let them be acts of compassion.

Grow…Compassion for You:

1.    Raise your awareness to ensure your heart is open each and every day. The power of the heart lessens when it is wounded. Deal with your emotional issues and set yourself free of wound and pain. 

2.    Purposely enable your heart in remembrance of joy, the happy times, beautiful moments, and fond memories. Sustain yourself with the inner joy, and let it enthuse your presence in life. 

3.    Practise active self-kindness. Be vigilant and aware of how you behave towards yourself, and support your own wellness. Be your own best supporter and strengthen your own beauty and value in the world.

Develop…Compassion for Others:

1.    Understand that everyone is living their own particular and unique life circumstances, with their own difficulties, pains and challenges. We cannot be aware of the wholeness of that or know the effects of their experience. 

2.    An open heart responds in love. Let your first impulse always be of love. Check: is it kind? Is it supportive? Is it a beneficial action?

3.    Listen well to others and respond accordingly. When someone conveys words to you, they are hoping to be heard. If you hear, you will respond from the heart. Your compassion will always be present.

Extend…Compassion to the World

1.     All life matters - life is entitled to life. Consider the equality and rights of other living creatures, and look to cultivate a relationship of respect with them.

2.    First cause no harm. Be clear in your intent within every choice and action. And consider… does it cause harm to any other, to nature, to your environment?  Does it reduce or hinder the higher good of future potentials?

3.    Engage your sensory awareness. When you stop, listen, notice, see, and truly receive the beauty of the World, your feelings of gratitude, love and belonging will regenerate. That is fuel for your open loving heart.

Togetherness resides within compassion. We are together in the world. When we truly comprehend that, we become One.

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