Issue 2, Winter 2019

About Us

We Are...

A bunch of heart-focused idealists regaling in a beautiful space of 'possible'.
Whilst being steadfastly anchored in the reality of the human experience.

We Believe...

In peaceful and collaborative living.
In the joy of creative endeavours. ,
In the generosity of loving and wilful intent.

We Hope...

To contribute to the well-being of our world, its peoples and its kingdoms.
That as individuals and together, we bring an expansion to understanding and an opening to potential.

The more we learn of subtle fields of consciousness, the closer we are to peaceful living

Sue Zange


Kate Ford

Kate Ford


A former journalist and media communications officer, Kate has a wide variety of experience and a unique perspective on social issues, having trained in alternative therapies and healing. Finding ways to reach people with a key message is Kate’s passion, and touching their lives with a small spark of light, comfort and inspiration, sits firmly in her dedication to purposeful living.

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Sue Zange

Sue Zange


The leading expert in the field of Subtle Energies, Sue is a Teacher, Author and Speaker with 20 years experience in personal and spiritual development. Her first book ‘The Energies of your Life’ has pioneered a way forward for understanding the nature of how we connect to each other through consciousness. Sue is passionate about helping make lasting and serving change in the world.

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