The Memoirs of an Improbable Life

By Kate Ford  |  12 Dec 2019  | 

Sir Trevor McDonald is the man who bravely confronted dictators and stood in the middle of war zones to bring the world news into our homes. With his instantly recognisable voice and eloquent and endearing manner, generations of Britons trusted him implicitly to keep them informed about the most important national and global events.

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Living in Light

By Sue Zange  |  04 Feb 2020  | 

When we are with people who are positive, generating radiant, life-supporting energy, we are changed by it. In all aspects of life, it matters who we are around and who we share our space with. So, each and every one of us, should take personal responsibility for what we are like to be with!

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The Business Dragon

By Sue Zange  |  12 Dec 2019  | 

"What an entrepreneur does is take risks. Growth means risk." he says. "If you take on risk, you are an entrepreneur. If you don't take on risk, you're a business owner." Piers is deeply supportive of those who step into the arena of starting and then scaling up, their own business.

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Space to Explore, Space to Live

By Kate Ford  |  07 Jan 2020  |    |  Premium

Tim Peake learned a lot from his time on board the International Space Station, not just from the scientific experiments he conducted, but also how to manage living so far from home. Being able to call family and friends was fundamental, but he also found that looking at images of Earth’s landscapes helped him during his six months in space.

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