Peace - the Final Frontier

By Sue Zange  |  20 Aug 2019  | 

If peace begins one person at a time.... what what do we need to understand about spiritual peace, and peace within our communities. The disturbance and tragic nature of the flow of our world has been impacting lives for centuries.  Today's peacemakers and ambassadors for goodwill must wrestle with the potential within humanity to be a peaceful and tolerant species...

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The Climate Change Garden

By Kate Ford  |  07 Nov 2019  | 

The banner of climate change is all around us.... The issue is becoming so prevalent across all forms of the media that people are at risk of becoming so overwhelmed by the negatives,  that they may  begin to feel unable to respond.

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David Attenborough

12 Aug 2019  | 

The 'Attenborough Effect', offering our gratitude and thanks for an extraordinary contribution to our world. In celebration and honour of the extraordinary contribution made to so many people and to our beautiful Earth, we would like to offer a letter of gratitude to Sir David Attenborough, as he celebrates 93 years of a life well lived.

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Part One

Enhance your meditation skills

By Sue Zange  |  22 Aug 2019  | 

Meditation is fast becoming one of the post popular forms of stress relief and mental clearing for busy lives. Having been developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago in eastern civilisations, it has found its way into modern day living as a useful life management tool.

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Energies of Your Life

Vibrational Living - Subtle Energies

By Sue Zange  |  22 Aug 2019  | 

Science tells us that a vibrating field of energy exists within and around all things, that physical matter is mostly ‘empty space’. Once we become open to the concept and possibility of the presence of invisible energies, the obvious question is ‘what do we do about it’?

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